AR development

Develop a native AR application for your business needs.
We develop products from the idea to the App Store and Google Play, improve products that are already in the stores and provide expert consultations.
Your product will be created quickly, efficiently and accurately to meet the needs of your customers.

An app for marketing platform ACTE

ACTE is worldwide exploring platform with Serbia’s government support. Users can find objects, read Vuforia marks and get free sale coupons from a local business with iBeacon technology.

Take your walks in augmented reality, scan the places you want to visit and get coupons and discounts in places you scanned. The app is both iPhone and Android platforms.

AR app for Danfoss products catalog

Danfoss Group manufactures products and provides services used in <&nbsp>cooling food, air conditioning,  controlling electric motors and etc. We made an app for them.

Scan the products of Danfoss that interests you. You can view, rotate and zoom 3D model of detail in augmented reality. The instruction will show you step by step how to assemble part in real time. Also, the app contains catalog of Danfoss products with descriptions and instructions for each.

An app for World Cup 2018 fans

Fanchat is the app for World Cup fans. It’s a social app with geo chats and AR guide. Users can discover World Championship places and get direction from any scenic point with augmented reality guide, chats with other fans and post tips on the map.

Our app beat top 30 in Russian Appstore during a World Cup 2018.

Swiper 3D - play with augmented reality

Swiper 3d is a cool app for playing with augmented reality. Throw 3D stickers in augmented reality and share the video in popular stories. Made with ARKit.

Fascinating digital immersion in the world of modern technology in 2x2 format!

Mobile app for Russian tv channel. The project, one of the functions of which was that users performed in real time and received points that could then be exchanged for prizes.

IoT apps development

Connect your devices with wireless connectivity applications including cloud integrations. We work with drones, any Bluetooth or voice devices, and neuro interfaces.

Application predicting epileptic seizure 2 minutes before its onset. We used machine learning algorithms and Bluetooth connection in this product. Based on EEG from wearable headset, called Muse.

TASI - Predicts the fall or rise of stocks of companies

App for medium-term traders there you can get information about price in real-time, get information about earnings dates of companies for next month. Allow to create and fill your own watchlist. Killer feature – machine learning algorithm what give your prediction for next earnings date price movement. In the 2nd stage of development, we added real-time and historical charts of price, key statistics for each ticker and stock news.

Art History

Art gallery on your phone. View paintings drawn by famous artists and learn their biography.

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